Company Description

Hyvac N Wash is in Winkler; here to locally serve southern Manitoba hydro excavating services. Hyvac N Wash traditionally works for contractors and facility owners in the utility and petroleum industries. Our key technology is the Hydrovac, which is used primarily for safe digging in congested grounds and challenging conditions. The Hydrovac uses a pressurized water stream to liquefy the soil cover, which is then removed with a powerful vacuum system and deposited into a storage tank.

Technology Profile

Hydrovac excavation is a safe alternative to machine or hand digging around all types of buried facilites including fibre optic, natural gas, oil, electic, water, sewer, and all types of communication cables. Hyvac N Wash safely expose these facilities to daylight, thus the term “daylighting”. The key benefits of Hyvac N Wash service are increased public safety, reduced facility damage, increased productivity, and reduced cost of line repair and ground restoration. The unit is used in several industries for multiple applications, all of which can be performed remotely (up to 450 feet away from the unit) and through any depth of frozen ground using an on-board water heater.

We are CORE Certified and have taken accredited hydrovac courses.

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